Animal Communication


Talking to the Animals

How many times have you said or heard "I wish my pet could talk"?  The amazing truth is, they really can, and do talk, if you give them a voice.  Animal Communication is a way of connecting to your animals in a deep level to discover their deeper thoughts and emotions.

Animal communication can:

- Deepen your connection to each other

- Provide insight to behavioral issues

- Discover if there may be a health or physical issue

- Discovering if your pet has any specific needs or desires

- Connect with a pet that has transitioned from this lifetime

- Provide information on his/her life mission, and can also have insight into your mission or the reason for your connection

- Get your pets side of the story

Animal Communication:  Done over the phone

Send a picture, preferably with your pet looking directly at the camera.

          $45 for 1/2 hour session

          $75 for 1 hour session

Multiple services can be combined.


Christine Althaea completed an animal communication course with Amelia Kinkade, author of The Language of Miracles and had a one year mentorship with Babette de Jongh, author of Hear Them Speak: A 12-week Course in Telepathic Animal Communication.